ILHA History

"It all began in Iowa. . ." On October 31, 1992, a group of individuals met in Ogden, Iowa. Their main concern was the future of the Lincoln Highway, preservation of the road, and public awareness of the historic highway. Bob Ausberger of Jefferson, IA served as LHA president 1994-1996.

15 Years Later. . . LHA Founders
15 Years Later. . . LHA Founders Charter members of the Lincoln Highway Association who were present both at the October 1992 founding meeting and fifteen years later included: Front: Margaret Elbert (Ames), Joyce Ausberger (Jefferson), Bob Owens (Jefferson ), Madge Robson (Jefferson), Bob Ausberger (Jefferson) and John Fitzsimmons (Boone). [Photo by Mike Kelly]

Fifteen years later there are chapters in the 13 states the road traverses as well as interest and awareness in the 13 Iowa Counties that the Lincoln Highway passes through. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the National Lincoln Highway Association, the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association held its 2007 fall membership meeting at the same location the founding meeting was held in 1992. Forty-four people from seven states met in 1992 at the then City State Bank in Ogden. They formed the 'new' national Lincoln Highway Association. The reborn Lincoln Highway Association adopted the name of an earlier group of the same name. In July of 1913, in Detroit, Michigan, a group of men approved the original Lincoln Highway Association with a slightly different purpose in mind - to establish and promote an Atlantic to Pacific improved highway. From the very beginning, Iowa's membership in the Lincoln Highway Association exceeded that of the other Lincoln Highway States and continues to do so as interest and membership grows. The Iowa Lincoln Highway Association is active in preservation, education and promotional efforts relating to the Lincoln Highway which parallels modern U.S. highway 30 in much of the state. Long since established and now promoted as an historical highway, the entire length of Iowa's Lincoln Highway was recently designated as the first Iowa Heritage Byway within the Iowa Scenic Byways program of which there are 10 designated byways.

Fall 2007 ILHA Membership Meeting at Ogden, IA
Fall 2007 ILHA Membership Meeting at Ogden, IA Members attending the fall meeting of the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association posed outside the Ogden State Bank where the new national Lincoln Highway Association was organized and chartered on October 31, 1992. This group includes some of the organization's newest members as well as six of the founding members. [Photo by Mike Kelly]

LIFE MEMBERS: The following Iowa members have made a commitment of support to the LHA as Life Members:
• Bob & Joyce Ausberger
• Cecil A. Reed (deceased)
• Lyell D. Henry, Jr.
• Van & Bev Becker
• Dorothy B. Scott (deceased)